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2023 Frontier Sapiens Adventure Film Festival Line-up

Every year, we’re overwhelmed by the number of incredible films submitted to the festival, and every year, it gets harder and harder for our panel to select just a small number of ‘winning films’.

HOWEVER, the decisions have been made, and we’re excited to announce the five winning films that will be showcased at all of our 2023 festival events.

As ever, the films are broad in range; a collection of the very best adventure, cultural and environmental stories from around the world, but what they all have in common, is that they all feature incredible stories of human endeavour.

We believe that EVERY GREAT STORY STARTS WITH GREAT PEOPLE, so it’s time to introduce the leading Frontier Sapiens of the 2023 festival. The five winning films are:

New Way Up

Game Hawker

Wild Waters

Polers of the Okavango

Walking on Clouds


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