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Frontier Sapiens
Film Festival

A series of outdoor cinema nights featuring inspiring adventure, cultural and environmental films on the big screen!

Frontier Sapiens was born out of a desire to showcase the very best of humankind. From action and adventure, to goodness and giving.

So we've risen to the challenge, in the best way we know how...


Brand new for 2021, we're excited to launch the Frontier Sapiens Film Festival.

A celebration of human spirit and the untold stories of inspirational people from all walks of life.

Every great story starts with great people, and we believe it's time to showcase these stories on the big screen. To draw attention to those whose voices aren’t being heard, to celebrate those who are pushing boundaries or are leaders in their field, and to shine the spotlight on the captivating stories behind individuals working towards positive change in the world.

Success is relative and all great stories deserve to be heard.

Frontier Sapiens is the first UK touring Festival to share these stories on the big screen OUTDOORS, and will be 'hitting the road' this this space!

2021 Trailer


Dates, Venues & Tickets

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