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The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival showcases the best adventure, cultural and environmental films from around the world.

Join us for an evening of captivating, thought-provoking short films featuring inspiring untold stories of human endeavour. Travel the globe with some of the world's best filmmakers, and experience extraordinary human spirit on the big screen.

Every great story starts with great people. It’s time to draw attention to those whose voices aren’t being heard, to celebrate those who are pushing boundaries or are leaders in their field, and to shine the spotlight on the captivating stories behind individuals working towards positive change in the world.

2022 Films

The 2023 festival film line-up will be announced in May 2023.

11 minutes

In the mountains of northern Kenya, a Samburu community is doing something that has never been done before. They’ve built a sanctuary for orphaned elephants to try to rehabilitate them back to the wild; but the project is not just changing local attitudes about elephants, it's changing attitudes about women too.

Dream Mountain
18 minutes

When is it right to follow your dreams? Meet international mountain guide Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, as she reflects on her personal highs and lows and rediscovers for herself just how much the mountains have meant to her. This beautifully shot film offers an insight into her struggle to balance mountaineering with motherhood, and the pressures of respecting her traditional culture while pushing boundaries as an elite female athlete.

House of the Gods
43 minutes

The great northern prow of Mount Roraima soars from the depths of the Amazon rainforest and local legend has it that only those of pure soul will ever see the summit. House of the Gods follows climber Leo Houlding and his team on their quest through 100km of untracked jungle; but do they have what it takes to reach the summit?

Precious Leader Woman
45 minutes

Hailing from a remote village in Canada, Spencer O’Brien is a world-renowned snowboarder. Running in to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, she was expected to win gold, but what few people knew was that she was hiding a debilitating disease. Spencer’s story gives us an intimate look at the determination and grit required to chase big dreams, and highlights how our roots are often our biggest strength.

Untitled design (51).png
Voice Above Water
11 minutes

Indonesia has some of the most beautiful shorelines on the planet, but also some of the most polluted. A heart-warming story following the life of local man Wayan Nyo, showing his dedication to protect his local environment and his perseverance to inspire younger generations to do the same.

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